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Metal Oxides in Supercapacitors addresses the fundamentals of metal oxide-based supercapacitors and provides an overview of recent advancements in this area. Metal oxides attract most of the materials scientists use due to their excellent physico-chemical properties and stability in electrochemical systems. This justification for the usage of metal oxides as electrode materials in supercapacitors is their potential to attain high capacitance at low cost.After providing the principles, the heart of the book discusses recent advances, including: binary metal oxides-based supercapacitors, nanotechnology, ternary metal oxides, polyoxometalates and hybrids. Moreover, the factors affecting the charge storage mechanism of metal oxides are explored in detail.The electrolytes, which are the soul of supercapacitors and a mostly ignored character of investigations, are also exposed in depth, as is the fabrication and design of supercapacitors and their merits and demerits. Lastly, the market status of supercapacitors and a discussion pointing out the future scope and directions of next generation metal oxides based supercapacitors is explored, making this a comprehensive book on the latest, cutting-edge research in the field.

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GanreComparative Religion
Release date 28.07.2017
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