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In Something in the Soil, Patricia Nelson Limerick travels far outside the usual academic circles to bring Western past and Western present into a spirited union. Whether her topic is the rapid growth in the West today, the patent awfulness of most academic writing, or struggles over the standing of the "Great White Men" of the region's past, Limerick operates on the principle that history is an active presence in the West, layers of collective memory that are, quite literally, "something in the soil." Enlightening and always witty, this wide-ranging collection of essays and arguments from the New West's landmark historian offers an artful journey into its dramatic past and contentious present.

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FormateBook, (torrent)En
PublisherWW Norton & Co
File size4.4 Mb
GanreBuddhist Worship, Rites & Ceremonies
Release date 17.03.2001
Pages count416
Book rating4.12 (62 votes)

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