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Delusions, Meaning and Transformation, a follow up and companion to Schizophrenia: A Blueprint for Recovery, deeply explores psychosis and merges modern treatment approaches into a step-by-step, person-centered "Combined Toolkit." The Combined Toolkit builds on numerous approaches-including the Hearing Voices Movement, LEAP, Personal Medicine, WRAP and different ways to heal trauma-to create a variety of options tailored to meet the person's individual needs. At the same time, Delusions, Meaning and Transformation gives insight into the experience of psychosis as both a dangerous series of misperceptions and a deeply personal symbolic journey that can be the catalyst for life-changing spiritual renewal. Following the stories of five people whose journeys led to transcendence of their personal challenges, Delusions, Meaning and Transformation seeks to offer hope and concrete techniques to help professionals, family members and those struggling to recover and transform their lives. "Delusions, Meaning, and Transformation is a ground breaking book that is accessible, hopeful, and immensely useful. I have waited a long time for a book that provides such in depth yet accessible knowledge about the experience of psychosis as well as powerful strategies that can be utilized in a helping role." - Sharon Young, Ph.D., CooperRiis Institute Director, CooperRiis Healing Community "Milt Greek has produced an inspiring and inspired piece of work that that allows the reader the privilege to 'hear' the voices and 'read' the minds of individuals who often become relegated to the margins of society due to their mental afflictions. It is evident that the author writes from the heart and has made an invaluable and timely contribution that benefits scholars, mental health practitioners and the consumers of mental health services." - Yegan Pillay Ph.D., P.C.C.-S "In this book Milt provides valuable insight and practical guidance to those who experience psychosis and delusional states and to professionals, family members and others who seek to provide help and support- an important contribution to the field." -Steven G. Stone, Executive Director, Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County "This important work by mental health expert, Milt Greek, is a must read for those with mental illness embarking on their recovery journey and the people who love them. Through the sharing of personal stories involving psychosis, we are reminded of the vast differences that exist from one person's experience of mental illness to another. It behooves us all to learn from these experiences so we can better advocate for a system of care that meets the needs of everyone along the spectrum if or when they need it." - NAMI Ohio "Offering the reader an excellent overview of treatment methods (even tackling the medication vs. non-medication debate), a wealth of resources like none other (for those with lived experience and for families), and a compendium of "tools" for the practitioner and non-practitioner alike, Greek provides a truly balanced, distinctly non-agenda-driven book that is a must for all with an interest in the topic." - Lois Oppenheim, Ph.D. "Milt has a unique ability to describe the experience of hallucinations and delusions in a way that helps family, friends and professionals better understand, empathize and respect this condition." — Diane Pfaff, LISW "Milt has demystified the experience of psychosis into understandable concepts to help engage clients and families while they are navigating through this process... I found it refreshing how Milt uses examples of real life people who have been able to use adversity as a gift; to find positive meaning and growth from their life as a result of their psychosis." - Lisa Adler Bacon, MS PCC-S, LSW

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GanreIllness & Addiction: Social Aspects
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