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Since the sixteenth century, the Protestant tradition has been divided. The Reformed and Lutheran reformations, though both committed to the doctrine of the sinners justification by faith alone, split over Zwingli and Luther's disagreement over the nature of the Lord's Supper. Since that time, the Reformed and Lutheran traditions have developed their own theological convictions, and continue to disagree with one another. It is incumbent upon students of the reformation, in the Lutheran and Reformed traditions, to come to an understanding of what these differences are, and why they matter. In The Great Divide: A Lutheran Evaluation of Reformed Theology, Jordan Cooper examines these differences from a Lutheran perspective. While seeking to help both sides come to a more nuanced understanding of one another, and writing in an irenic tone, Cooper contends that these differences do still matter. Throughout the work, Cooper engages with Reformed writers, both contemporary and old, and demonstrates that the Lutheran tradition is more consistent with the teachings of Scripture than the Reformed. ""This book delivers what it promises without getting distracted, overwhelmed, or muted with qualifications. Cooper speaks with clarity and conviction and makes plain the real differences that exist between the Reformed and the Lutheran branches of Reformation faith. The book can be read profitably by anyone committed to biblical fidelity and doctrinal integrity, but especially by those convinced that the differences between Wittenberg and Geneva are trivial and inconsequential, or cause for dismissive condemnations."" —Joel Biermann, Professor of Systematic Theology, Concordia Seminary Jordan Cooper is pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Watseka, IL and host of the Just and Sinner podcast. He is the author of Christification: A Lutheran Approach to Theosis (2014).

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GanreFeminism & Feminist Theory
Release date 27.08.2015
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